I am a firm believer in the value of gaining the Quality in Careers Standard through the Investor in Careers Award, for two key reasons:-

  • CEIAG practitioners frequently work in isolation without the support of departmental colleagues; the very nature of the award demands a whole school approach while pinpointing the need for active strategic leadership and quality programme delivery; virtually every school or college I have assessed has stressed the role of the award in raising the profile of CEIAG to all staff, students and parents.
  • Secondly CEIAG has faced a turbulent time in recent years, with the dilution of the statutory role and delays in the publication of a national strategy. This lack of a structured model for continuous improvement has left practitioners frequently unsure and insecure about planning CEIAG. The nationally recommended Quality in Careers Standard delivered via the Investor in Careers Award provides that clarity and quality assurance-indeed staff often comment that they find the clear framework of quality indicators one of the most useful working tools in CEIAG- one to which they continually refer. They use the Quality in Careers Standard as a benchmark in auditing their current quality of provision and a useful assessor will support schools and colleges in identifying further areas for future development.
  • In conclusion I have absolutely no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the Quality in Careers Standard delivered through the Investor in Careers Quality Award to you as a national improvement model for CEIAG of absolutely proven worth and reputation.

Jeremy Cloke IIC Assessor /CEIAG Consultant.