The Bourne Academy

The School

The Bourne Academy is an 11-18 all-abilities state school located in Bournemouth, Dorset, formed in 2010, and has approximately 745 students on roll.

The Bourne Academy began working towards The Quality in Careers Standard with Investor in Careers in February 2017, and worked quickly to achieve the Standard by July 2017. This was in part down to their commitment and hard work but also the quality level of the organisation, delivery and evaluation of Bourne Academy’s CEIAG and their approach to achieving the Quality in Careers Standard is to be commended.

The ethos of the academy is underpinned by their vision that ‘everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher’, and this serves their purpose of developing literate, numerate global citizens of their students.

The Bourne Academy’s previous Ofsted inspection in 2014 gave an overall rating of ‘good’, noting that ‘Students are generally well prepared for the next stage in their education, training or employment’.

Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

The Head of Careers and the Academy leadership team have been proactive in reviewing CEIAG delivery and have implemented best practice through a continuous plan, do, review cycle.  All teaching staff are aware of the different initiatives that are being put in place and they feel fully involved, and there are strong partnerships between their specialist roles and CEIAG and the Head of Careers. The “outward facing” approach of linking the curriculum to wider society and employment has been beneficial to students in terms of seeing the bigger picture of where learning could take them.

The Bourne Academy has been recognised for its excellent work in careers and is now one of the top 3 performing UK schools for the Gatsby Good Career Guidance the gold standard of careers guidance measurement.  The Bourne Academy also has fellowship status to the Careers Development Institute, which recognises the commitment and knowledge of the academy in delivering their CEIAG provision.

The academy’s partnership with the organisation Teach First has been a significant driver for excellence in CEIAG, as they are working towards meeting the criteria of the Careers and Employability Leadership Programme (CELP). Students take part in ‘insight week’ placements as part of the Teach First programme, and present feedback on these to other students through assemblies.

Work experience is completed by all Year 10 and Sixth Form students, and all students have one to one guidance appointments in Years 11, 12, and 13. Parents are also encouraged to get involved in these guidance sessions, through attending these appointments and by talking to careers guidance specialists at parents’ evening. Newsletters help to keep parents informed of CEIAG developments, and home visits are also arranged by the Head of Careers to increase engagement further.

The Bourne Academy has introduced a new Wellbeing Coordinator role to offer 1:1 support to students, to help them resolve personal issues to then be able to focus on future decisions. Links have also been established with social services agencies and other education providers to ensure that ‘at risk’ students have the necessary CEIAG support.

Engaging Employers

The Bourne Ambassador Programme matches Sixth Form students with a mentor from a variety of industries, and students are able to visit them in their workplace several times a year to give them an insight into the working world. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for managing these relationships and to take ownership of the experience. They also attend networking events to develop their professional skills further. Entrepreneurial skills are encouraged and developed through working with Young Enterprise, allowing Year 12 students to run their own businesses.

Partnerships with local education providers have sought to strengthen The Bourne Academy’s CEIAG provision further. Students have the opportunity to attend career symposiums, careers and employability fairs, as well as the J P Morgan Open Door events, and a variety of approaches are encouraged to engage students further, including the Crag Rats theatre performance (sponsored by Bournemouth University).

CEIAG Quality

The Quality in Careers Standard was achieved by The Bourne Academy in a matter of months, indicating the strength of their CEIAG provision and their understanding of mapping this against national guidelines.

Areas for development from their Stage 2 assessment were addressed, including improved evaluation of staff training needs, and it is evident that the academy continues to improve through their commitment to the CDI and Teach First programme.

 “There was a real feel of commitment and activity to support the CEIAG programme“ (IiC Assessor, 2017)

 Along with the internal monitoring and evaluation measures built in to the review process for the CEIAG department, the external assessment process by the Investor in Careers team provides a robust system that encourages continual development.

Investor in Careers (CSW Group) is now a Licensed Awarding Body for the single national Quality in Careers Standard.

Contact Details:

Vicky Woodings

Head of Careers, Employability and Enterprise

The Bourne Academy

Tel: 01202 528554

November 2017 Quality in Careers Consortium

The Green School Trust

Case study of Primary and Secondary schools achieving the Quality in Careers Standard.

The School / MAT Background

The Green School Trust comprises of an all-girls’ secondary school, a newly established boys’ school and sixth form with academy status. It is located in West London, England.

The Green School Trust aims to provide a stimulating and enriching education founded on Christian values within a supportive, inclusive, multi-faith environment, where each person matters and in which all students have the opportunity to excel and fulfil their potential.

In particular, they aim to inspire and nurture:

  • a love of learning, creativity, and an enquiring mind
  • academic excellence, personal development and spiritual awareness
  • aspirations. knowledge, skills and attributes in preparation for future studies and career pathways
  • a sense of responsibility, self–confidence, self–worth and the resilience to overcome life’s challenges
  • integrity, emotional intelligence, compassion and respect for others
  • appreciation of different cultures, religions and points of view
  • a desire to serve and to make a positive contribution to society

Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

The Green School Trust achieved the Quality in Careers Standard in July 2016 through the awarding body – Investor in Careers.

Our CEIAG provision offers a wide range of opportunities throughout all key stages. All our CEIAG activities are mapped alongside the ACEG framework and since achieving our award we have branched out further to widen our provision to Year 7 boys and girls.

Beginning at Key Stage 3 we ensure all our students access at least one encounter with a business partner each year as well as a university / apprenticeship linked activity. Over the past three years networking has been key to setting this up but many universities now offer workshops to younger years and our students take part in Murder Mystery Games at Kingston University, Robotics Workshops with Brunel and a Treasure Hunt with St Mary’s. Our business partners provide workshops linked to Making the right Choices (Year 9 options) and we invite companies such as The Money Charity to deliver finance awareness events.

We have developed a Key Stage 4 “Future Leaders Programme” and this ensures that students encounter at least two business & enterprise workshops per year. For example Dentsu Aegis, our creative business partner, ran a digital challenge for all the students; they have taken part in a workshop at the British Library and are also visiting the Houses of Parliament for a Law and Debating Course in the Spring Term.

Working with a number of local providers and social enterprise companies we access a huge range of workshops and we often run themed events. Our school location is also an advantage – we are well placed for trips to both London universities and attractions. We also have Sky and GlaxoSmithKline less than a 10 minute walk away. Both companies offer a huge range of programmes and in particular Sky deliver apprenticeship workshops to different age groups.

As a former science specialist school our key focus has always been on STEM activities. Last year working across subject departments, we developed “The Spectrum of STEM”. This was a huge three week extravaganza encompassing activities across the age range. To highlight a few events: Year 8 took part in Heathrow Lego Robots, Year 9 a Construction Challenge led by Tata Consultancy, whilst Key Stage 4 were involved in a Medical Workshop led by the Vision Team from Imperial College. We invited alumni in to lead lunch time talks for sixth formers and our grand finale was a Mathematical Cake Bake-off. (A repeat performance takes place in 2018 and the theme is Change!)

Our Sixth Form CEIAG Programme has been developed to complement and deepen the impact of the Key Stage 4 Future Leaders Programme. At key points each term we hold afternoon “Futures Events”; in this way we are able to focus on all the usual university and apprenticeship workshops as well as a host of other activities. In the last year we have been working closely with one of our business partners, GE Healthcare to include one-to-one interview practice and psychometric testing.

Our CEIAG Coordinator is on the advisory board for MyKindaFuture and this helps to support some training for staff. Sixth Form staff receive training on UCAS Apply and reference writing. A next stage in our provision is to develop further inset with our business partner, Dentsu Aegis. This area is still work in progress.

Evaluation & Students’ Views

One key advantage about achieving the award is the way it helps the school to develop a more robust method of evaluation and reflection. Following on from any event we have always filled in evaluation forms – but what happens to them? Usually they gather dust in a drawer! However, thinking strategically has meant we need to use the feedback, so a variety of changes have been made including the analysis of the paperwork! Surveymonkey is now used to gather feedback from parents and staff on an annual basis. Students are randomly selected to take part in evaluation workshops.

In the past two years the surveys have indicated more parents are aware of our programme, students are generally very positive about the activities we provide and give honest feedback. For example we made changes to our Future Leaders Programme because students said it was too STEM focussed. We also fed back to our business partner about delivery of their digital workshop and they made changes accordingly.

Looking at destinations we certainly have more students choosing alternative routes at post 18. Our university students are also selecting a wider variety of options. You could argue that there is more provision available now as well as more choice of courses, however using LinkedIn to track our alumni, it is clear that a very small percentage change course after leaving us and therefore must be happy with their chosen pathway – we like to think that we have played a part in their success.

Engaging Employers and the Community

As a school we are very proud to have two business partners – GE Healthcare and Dentsu Aegis. Both work with us to deliver a range of activities throughout the year. For example GE Healthcare supported our STEM Extravaganza leading a workshop. They also devised bespoke jobs and interviews for Year 12 and took part in our end of term Year 10 Futures Day.

We established a partnership with Dentsu Aegis in September 2017. Our new creative partner who have so far led a digital workshop for every student in Key Stage 4 and they are offering work experience for Sixth Formers next year.

Sky regularly visit the school and take part in Apprenticeships Workshops as well as offering Internships to Year 13. Sky graduates also visited our school to lead career workshops with Year 11 and Sixth Formers.

We have strong links with a number of local universities. St Mary’s deliver workshops to Key Stage 3 and 4 as well as offering Year 12 taster lectures, and last year an online law course for Sixth Formers. Imperial College support our Sixth Form Futures Programme and deliver various talks at strategic points in the year, whilst Goldsmiths offer EPQ workshops, universities tours and most recently, a Creative Workshop for Year 11.

Over the last year we held a very successful Careers Convention for Year 9 attended by 109 parents out of a cohort of 150. The stalls included more than 20 alumni as well as local business representation. We used links from The Skills Show at Excel to invite more employers.

CEIAG Quality

The Green School Trust has chosen to demonstrate its commitment and delivery of quality CEIAG by working with Investor in Careers to achieve the national Quality in Careers Standard.

Assessor’s comments:

‘I cannot really do justice here to the wealth of information that the school provided to support their assessment and the enthusiasm and professionalism of those involved, particularly the careers coordinator’.

‘In discussion with the careers coordinator it is clear that she has an excellent grasp on using the evaluative framework to inform and further the school’s CEIAG practice’.

So what’s next? Well the next step involves setting up a CEIAG programme for the boys’ school. And the advantage here is that working for our award we know what to include and how to do it. However it still involves more outreach work – a new link with TfL and workshop with Brunel as a starting point.


We want to maintain the excellent links with our business partners and universities and ideally map all activities to employability skills. Working with MyKindaFuture we hope to support more training for staff as well as working alongside parents to ensure that every student achieves their desired future pathway.


Christine Humphrys

Ed Whitefield:  CSW Group Ltd –

Crookhorn College

The School

Crookhorn College is an 11-16 comprehensive school located in Waterlooville, Hampshire with approximately 760 students on roll.

The College was successfully re assessed in July 2017 and holds the Quality in Careers Standard.

The ethos of the college is underpinned by the four cornerstones: Respect, Commitment, Responsibility and Achievement.  The college motto is “Enterprise and Learning” because personal endeavour underpins life at the college.  Every student is encouraged and motivated to achieve their potential, developing skills and aptitudes so that they can live a productive and fulfilling life.

The college is not just about examination results, which are “very good”, but also about developing the individual, instilling community values and providing opportunities for each student to grow as a person.  At the heart of Crookhorn College is the House system with its emphasis on working together and developing healthy interests and attitudes.

Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

The college’s careers programme is based on students developing skills in three key areas: self-development, career exploration, and career management. This is delivered through aspects of the curriculum, such as a PSHE programme, as well as with the support of other subjects, local businesses and institutions, and career drop-in sessions to encourage Life Long Learning.

The Personal Development Learning Manager is a non-teaching member of staff, who is qualified to the level of a Masters in Careers Education, Development & Guidance, and has responsibility for careers education within PSHE, work experience and enterprise. They have also enrolled on the Teach First Careers and Employability Leadership programme. This ensures the delivery of a well-balanced and varied personal development curriculum for students under pinned by a clear and comprehensive strategic plan.

The college has arranged the services of a careers adviser from Hampshire Futures, two days per week, to assist with careers advice provision within the school for all students. Alongside this, the Hampshire Careers and Employability Service also contributes to the careers programme at the college. Since the previous assessment in 2014 there have been developments in the accessing of IT systems by the Hampshire Futures Adviser and the use of ICT based resources including Career Companion.  The careers interview room and display boards have up to date information.

Year 9 students take part in the ‘Real Game’, which gets them to think about personal finance and budgeting and for Year 8 students, taster sessions for different subjects have been introduced as part of Year 8 options, alongside business enterprise days. The college organises a two week work experience programme for Year 10 students and also encourages visits to local colleges and higher education institutions. Then during Year 11, students take part in a series of events aimed at supporting their post-16 options, including a mock interview day with the support of local employers.

The college is piloting a programme of cross-curricular action to strengthen the education options that subjects can offer, for example STEM subjects and English. Alongside this, the role of alumni has been highlighted as an important support to CEIAG.

Engaging Employers

Employer engagement plays a key role in the careers and work related learning programme at Crookhorn, as does partnerships with higher education establishments, such as the University of Chichester and the University of Portsmouth.  Without support from local business, the college would not be able to run activities such as Skills for Life Day (Year 9), Mock Interview Day (Year 11) and work experience programmes.


Taster sessions for Year 8 students have been introduced as a direct result of a request from the student council.

During the College’s Skills for Life Day Year 9 students spend the day working with representatives from local businesses on a series of tasks designed to raise awareness and develop employability skills.  Students also interview business visiting representatives to find out more about their careers and route through education, training and employment.


CEIAG Quality

The Investor in Careers Award has been held continuously by Crookhorn College since 1998. When the College was re-accredited against the national Quality in Careers Standard in 2017, the assessor noted:

Areas for development since the 2014 assessment have been actioned and there was clear evidence of continuous improvement and student involvement in developments.

The curriculum mapping activity carried out by the Personal Development Learning Manager identified a development area for embedded cross curricular activity in the CEIAG programme which is being developed through a pilot with two subject areas.

In summary they stated:

“I was very impressed by the school’s approach to the assessment and in their strategic and thoughtful approach to CEIAG in general.“  (IiC Assessor 2017)

Along with the internal monitoring and evaluation measures built in to the review process for the CEIAG department, the external assessment process by the Investor in Careers team provides a robust system that encourages continual development.

Investor in Careers (CSW Group) is now a Licensed Awarding Body for the single national Quality in Careers Standard.

Contact Details:

Sally Duncan

Personal Development Learning Manager

Crookhorn College

Tel: 023 92251120

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