Chris Lennon – Luton Sixth Form College, Bedfordshire 2017

“Working towards the Standard enabled the careers team to see exactly where we were and what was needed to create an outstanding service. It was almost like a personal audit or self-assessment that allows you to reflect, evaluate and build.”

6th Form Colleges, Further Education Colleges & Training Providers

6th Form Colleges, Further Education Colleges & Training Providers will follow a structure as shown below but adapted to their specific setting and provision.


Stage One: Commitment Certificate:

Outcome 1

Learning provider demonstrates commitment to careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) and The Quality in Careers Standard


Stage Two: Intermediate Certificate:

Outcome 2

Learning provider has a current CEIAG policy which is based on the needs of students, contributes to the whole organisation’s aims and recognises the entitlement of all students to impartial CEIAG.

Outcome 3

CEIAG programme is delivered to all students in the organisation.

Outcome 4

CEIAG programme includes finding out about and preparing for the world of work.

Outcome 5

Learning provider demonstrates their commitment to meet the statutory duty by ensuring all students have access to independent careers guidance.


Stage Three: The Full Award:

Outcome 6

Provider monitors and records students’ achievements and progress, working with partners, external IAG provider, parents and carers to ensure that all students make informed choices and effective transitions.

Outcome 7

Staff involved with CEIAG are appropriately trained.

Outcome 8

CEIAG programme is systematically monitored, reviewed and evaluated to ensure that CEIAG delivered is effective in meeting the needs of all students.

Full award cost £1650 + VAT